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    Customer Reviews

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    Georgia Purscell
    power ring

    I adore this ring. I bought it at the arts market at bayou boogaloo in exile. I felt so powerful when wearing it, which I needed badly at the time. I lost it at gasa gasa a few months back & even went so far as to take their sink apart (don't worry, I put it back together!) trying to find it...to no avail. I'll be purchasing another as soon as I have the extra money. thank you for creating a simple, gorgeous piece of art that also gave me the peace of mind I needed.

    Shauna Lynch
    This was one of my wife's 15 yr anniversar...

    This was one of my wife's 15 yr anniversary gifts, and she LOVES it. The ring is beautifully crafted - large but yet still light and comfortable. She doesn't take it off. Thank you.

    Apanopoulos O'Kon
    Apanopoulos did not write a review, but le...

    Apanopoulos did not write a review, but left a 5 stars for this product!

    Rck Goyette
    Adore it!

    Adore it!