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    Customer Reviews

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    Versatile statement necklace

    It took me a long time to talk myself into splurging on a relatively expensive piece, but it wouldn't leave my head, and now it is marking a major transition in my life. I am a small person, 5'2", so I got the mini rather than the full-sized crop circle, at a custom length of the black rolo chain, and it was the right choice.
    My version has a much larger hole like the photos on the model, rather than the narrower hole like the photos with the hand, but that is okay, all within variance. I wear it with the concave side outward and enjoy running my fingers around the edges.

    It is a very versatile necklace --- I think it can work for women or men, and as a woman I can wear it with a tee or polo or even with an evening gown at a gala to add a bit of an edgy twist! The build quality is very solid, and I know this piece will last for many years. The trading card that came with the packaging was an added perk!

    Michael Banys

    Beautiful piece, as always.

    Carlos Jorge

    Been buying a yearly piece for my wife ever since discovering Queens metal at a pop up store in NO. The pieces are always unique and beautiful. Keep up the great work!

    Rebecca Emmerich
    I got this as a gift for my mom and she lo...

    I got this as a gift for my mom and she loved it!