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    Customer Reviews

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    Swamp necklace

    I am a first time customer and bought my husband a necklace he’s been wanting, the website was easy to maneuver and shipping was quick and reliable. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

    Kerri Fortenberry
    Beautiful and beloved

    My brother bought me one for Christmas to match his own as we share a love for our southern roots and I was feeling sad after moving out of NOLA. It’s beautiful, well made, timeless, and I never take it off.

    Noelle Jeansonne
    Swamp saint necklace

    I got this as a gift and I am very disappointed. I had seen the photo of the necklace on line and loved it. The piece I got is not oxidized and you can’t see the artwork. The pendant is a lot smaller that I hoped.


    This pendant is my most favorite jewelry I’ve ever owned. I bought mine three years ago and worn it every day. The chains themselves are low end so they inevitably break but I buy and replace those as needed. I now buy them as gifts for very specific special people in my life and I genuinely think at times I should buy a couple extra to keep just in case I ever lose mine and the shop cancels the design. Business is very professional and timely, the owner is polite and extremely talented. I can’t wait to see which designs come out in the future but this one will never be beat in my mind. It captures the essence of the place I was raised and the atmosphere of the gulf coast/extreme Deep South incredibly.

    Gary Putman
    Swamp saint

    Great litte pendant