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    NEWS — holiday madness

    That Crazy, Joyful Time of Year

    Three years ago today, I was gearing up for a busy holiday sales season..... and I was also very pregnant with my first son. 

    And here I am, once again very busy and very pregnant! 

    Yup, I'm getting ready to welcome another baby, though hopefully he'll wait until his January due date to arrive. 

    Little Elf

    With my son Gabriel on Christmas Eve 2016. He was 10 days old! 

    I often talk about how much I love my job, to the point where I have to be reminded to step away from my bench and PUT THE PLIERS DOWN! Thank God for my wonderful, hilarious and lovable son, who reminds me daily that there are far more important things in life than making jewelry. I'm so grateful that I decided to become a mother -- something I never thought I wanted to do! 

    I'm pregnant now with another boy, and while I'm not looking forward to those sleepless nights and the utter lack of free time, I'm so excited to have another child to love as much as I love my son, Gabriel. 

    I'll be hard at work this holiday season, filling oodles of online orders and slinging my wares at art markets in New Orleans and beyond. Then (hopefully!) I'll have a few short weeks to catch my breath before giving birth. Fingers crossed.... 

    Apparently Christmas time babies are becoming a holiday tradition in my house! What holiday traditions do you celebrate?