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    NEWS — upstate

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    Krista at Park Avenue Fest

    Guys, I hate to say it, but summer is over. Of course, in New Orleans the weather forecast still shows nothing but 90 degree days ahead, but still, something in the air has shifted. 

    A few years ago when I had my son, I made a decision that I wanted his summers to be filled with memories of long days spent swimming, eating towering ice cream cones with sprinkles, and sleeping with the windows open. In New Orleans, the oppressive summer heat makes going outside a pretty unpleasant experience. Most locals spend the days inside, with the AC blasting. So for the past few summers, my son and i have spent July and August in Upstate New York at my parents house.Digging in the Dirt

    My son digging in the dirt in my mother's garden

    I consider myself exceptionally lucky that the nature of my work allows me to decamp to another state for extended stretches of time. I bring a small selection of tools with me and create a modified jewelry workshop in a spare room of my parents house. I set up shop at a few weekend art fairs nearby. But mostly, I try to use the time to plan the year ahead for my business (and for my family!) 

    As we prepare to fly home to New Orleans and go back to our regular chaotic schedule, I'm pausing for a moment here to appreciate the past weeks. My son spent precious hours with his grandparents and I got to spend my mornings answering emails while my feet dangled in the swimming pool. 

    Garden View

    The backyard garden is a truly magical oasis! 

    Soon, the holiday shopping season will kick into full swing and I'll be working 12 hour days, exhausted and wondering why I chose self-employment over the stability of a 9-5 job. But for now, Im just grateful for this summer respite and the memories that came with it.

    Do you have a summer happy place? Comment below to share your memories favorite summer memories.