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    Strawberry Pies and Summer Cocktails

    Strawberry Pie and Cocktails
    Have you ever eaten strawberry pie? It was a staple of the summer when I was growing up, but as an adult I was surprised that many people have never tried it! Strawberry pie is delicious combination of sweet and tart. It's best when the strawberries are freshly picked and the pie crust is made from scratch. 
    This summer, I've been forcing myself to step away from my jewelry bench and do some of the other things I love to do -- like make pies and hit up all the happy hours in my neighborhood. 

    The Beginning!

    The first piece of jewelry I ever made that I was truly proud of was my Rocker Chick ring

    Rocker Chick

    I'd been dabbling with jewelry making for a while, and making the things most new jewelers make: blobby circles, overly-hammered linked shapes, etc.

    Then I took a wax carving class and everything changed. 

    I realized I could create in metal any shape I dreamed of, beyond the limitations of wire and sheet. I traveled to Thailand for vacation and was inspired by a random shape I encountered while wandering one day: a sleek, curved horn with two pointed ends. I envisioned it as a ring, long enough to cover multiple fingers. I sketched it in my travel journal, and when i returned to the states, i carved it in wax and cast it in sterling silver.

    rocker chick ring

    When I finally had the finished product in my hands, I knew that this piece was the beginning of everything I had envisioned for my jewelry line. It was a balance of hard and soft; the curving form was enduringly feminine, while the pointed ends were tough and masculine.

    To this day (13 years later!) it's still the ring that i wear the most. And I have such a personal affinity for this ring, whenever a customer buys it, I have to control myself from hugging them. This ring is where my life as a jeweler and a small business owner began and when someone else falls in love with this ring, I feel like maybe I'm meeting a kindred spirit.